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X-men - Children of the Atom was brought to us by Capcom and was released in the year of 1994.

X-men - Children of the Atom is a versus-fighter and is the first game where Capcom used characters from the Marvel Universe. By using colorful animation and voice actors from the X-Men animated series making the game was highly praised for capturing the spirit found in the comics of the same name.

There is ten playable characters plus two secret characters. Out of playable characters six are X-men and four are Villains. The X-men you can choose from are Colossus, Cyclops, Iceman, Psylocke, Storm, Wolverine and the Villains are Omega Red, Sentinel, Silver Samurai and Spiral. The two secret playable characters are Akumba and Juggernaut. Akuma and is very similar to his Super Street Fighter II Turbo appearance. The code for Akuma on the character select screen highlight Spiral and wait 3 seconds, then move without stopping through : Silver Samurai, Psylocke, Colossus, Iceman, Colossus, Cyclops, Wolverine, Omega Red and stop on Silver Samurai. Wait 3 seconds there and press and hold: LK+HP+HK. To play as Juggernaut input Akuma code, then after the battle press Up/Left TWICE and you should see Juggernaut's face.

After picking your character you are able to choose between manual or automatic modes. These modes are for blocking, choosing automatic will make some features not available during your play session.

The single player consists of eight stages six of which are from the character select screen. The other two stages are boss battles the first one is against Juggernaut and the second one is against Magneto. It is also not possible to fight a clone of yourself during single player mode. Akuma is possible to fight in the single player mode after the sixth match by complete a set of hard tasks. To fight against Akuma you must use 'manual block' and win every match without continuing, defeat your opponents two rounds in a row, having first attack on each round. You must also win the final round of each battle with your Hyper-X move.

You have an X-Power gauge which is similar to the Super Combo gauge Super Street Fighter II Turbo. The gauge starts at level one and becomes level two at the half-full mark, to build this gauge you performing normal and special attacks. The X-Power is used to perform X-Ability and Hyper-X moves, breaking your fall or performing counter-throws will also consume a portion of your X-Power gauge.

X-men - Childern of the Atom introduced new things to the versus-fighter some of which are rolling after falling, super Jumps, aiming of projectile move and more.

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