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Trojan was released in 1986 by developer was Capcom.

Trojan is a side-scrolling action game set is a post-apocalyptic nuclear war ridden world. You are a master of all martial arts and have been requested by the oppressed people to bring back peace to the world by destroying the evil army.

You are equipped with a sword and shield to help as you travel to rid the lands of evil. With your shield you're able to block just about anything, you're also able direct your shield upward and diagonally. However you need to be careful, as some enemy attacks will make you lose your sword and shield. This will leave you with no ability to block enemy attacks, but you will still be able to attack with both a punch and kick. If you have lost your sword and shield you will find them again a little further into the level.

There are seven different boss characters for you to battle within the game.
Mamushi Brothers - Both come wielding an axe which they are not afraid to throw.
Iron Arm - Both of his arms are made of iron, one is used as a shield, while the other has an extendable fist.
Armadillon - He has indestructible steel armour on his back, which he uses when curling up into a ball. He also is able to spit fire.
Goblin - He has spiked balls that he throws while he jumps around you.
Muscular - He packs a big punch with his giant spiked mace.
Trojan - Just like you he is packing a sword and shield.
Achilles - He might only be holding a single sword but do not underestimate him.

The game consists of six stages. Along with the minions charging at you, each stage has multiple boss battles.
1. City - Mamushi Brothers and Iron Arm.
2. The Craggy Cliss - Armadillon and Goblin
3. Hiding place 1 - Muscular and Trojan
4. Hiding place 2 - Iron Arm, Mamushi, Armadillon(skippable) and Goblin
5. Hiding place 3 - Mamushi Brothers(x4), Muscular(x2) and Iron Arm(x2)
6. The Final Battle - Muscular(skippable), Trojan and Achilles

After defeating Achilles you are given the message "Peace will probably return to this world again thank you" and then return to stage one to fight again but at a might higher difficulty level. If you are able to defeat Achilles again, you will have reached the end of the game.

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