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Touchdown Fever is brought to you by SNK Electronics Corp. and was release in 1987.

Touchdown Fever is A sports game, American football to be exact.

The game can support up to four players in a rage of configurations, P1 vs CPU, P1+P2 vs CPU, P1+CPU vs P2+CPU, and so on. Apart of your standard 8-way joystick is a rotating function. This allows you to more precisely direct your punts, throws and kicks, which opens up a lot of plays that would be hard without it. You also have two buttons, a run buttons that you need to keep pressing to run faster, and a action button which preforms your pass, kicks etc.

Each match starts with only one minute on the clock, which is paused for a try, tackles etc. You're also able to score some extra time by getting the first down and scoring a try, also if you win the match you will get bonus time for your next match.

Touchdown Fever Was later ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988 for Japan, and in 1991 for everyone else.

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