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The Three Stooges was developed and published by Mylstar Electronics and released in 1984.

In this game you can control either Moe, Larry or Curly in your quest to rescue your brides to be there names are Cora, Nora and Dora. The brides were kidnapped by a mad scientist I.M.Acad M.D.

There are seven stages and they are in order The Office, The Parlor, The Kitchen, The Singers, The Art Gallery, The Police Station and last The Laboratory. In order to progress through the stages you need to find three keys. Once all the keys are found an exit will open up for you. These keys are hiding in furniture scattered around the stage which needs to be destroyed. To destroy the furniture to get to the keys you need a hammer which you can pick up off the ground or slap someone that has the hammer.

The game can be played with three players but in single player mode the other characters are computer controlled and will hit you with pies and the hammers. Pies/slaps will stun everyone including you for a short time and will also make the hammer drop if they are holding one. The hammers will knock out the enemy but if you are hit with a hammer you will lose a life.

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