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Tempest is brought to you by Atari and was released in 1981

Tempest is a tube shooter style game, in which your main aim is to survive as long as possible. You control a yellow spacecraft on the close end of the field. The enemy spin on the far end on the until they hit the field. The field is split up into multiple segments which you and your enemies attach too. Once the enemy is on the field you are able to destroy them.

Your spaceship is equipped with two weapons to help you fight off your enemies. Your first weapon is a rapid-fire game and the second is called Superzapper. The Superzapper can be used once per level to destroy all enemies that are on the field at the time, the Superzapper is also able to use used a second time on a level but will only kill one random enemy.

When all enemies are destroyed or reach the end of the field you will travel to the next level by flying through the field. When traveling to the next level you must avoid or destroy spikes that have been left behind by enemies. There are sixteen unique levels with unique geometric shapes which same are closed tubes and others are open fields. When all sixteen levels are completed the level sequence is repeated with a different colour scheme and set to a harder difficulty level.

There are five different type of enemies in Tempest and they are:-
Flippers, a bow-tie shaped enemy that is able flip from segment to segment. Once they reach your end of the field they begin begin flipping directly toward you.

Tankers, a diamond shaped enemy that move only directly towards your end of the field and is unable to change segments. When destroyed or near the end of the field, it will split into two other enemies. Their are different types of Tankers in the game finding more difficult Tankers later in the game.

Spikers, a Spiral shaped enemy that move up and down the segment of the field they are attached too. They leave a spike behind them and if allowed to reach the far end, they reappear as Tankers.

Fuseballs, are multicolored sparks that move up and down the field along the edges of segments, then move slowly across segments. When near the end of the field they are only able to be destroyed by using the Superzapper.

Pulsars, a zig-zag shaped enemy that expands and contracts, they move similarly to Flippers. It electrifies the segment that is is attached too at regular intervals. If there is multiple Pulsars on the field they will all do this in unison. If the you occupy or enter an electrified segment you will be blown apart.

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