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Superman was released in 1988 and developed but Taito.

Superman is a 2D scrolling fighter in which you control Superman trying to stop an alian invasion by Emperor Zaas. Player two plays as a red Superman which is not explain during the game. A red Superman appears in an imaginary scenario in Superman (vol. 1) #162 which might be who player two is playing as.

The game has five levels which are Metropolis, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Washington D.C and Alian Spacecraft. The first four levels consists three stages a side-scrolling fighter then a vertical scrolling flying fighter and a side-scrolling shooter. Each stage also has a boss at the end. The fifth level has five stages starting with a side-scrolling shooter and an extra boss fight at the end.

You have four different attacks to beat back the evil minions. They are a punch, a kick and a sonic attack charged by holding the punch button. The forth attack is only during the side-scrolling shooter stages and it is Superman's heat vision attack. In the first stage you also find creates and barrels which you can be thrown to kill enemies. When you break creates and barrels they may contain crystals. There are three types of crystals which can restore energy, perform sonic attack without charging and killing all enemies on the screen.

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