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Super Cup Finals is brought to us by Tatio in 1993.

This is a football (soccer) game, when you start up you have to choose one of eight members to represent yourself. After you have chosen a member you then must pick a team you have twenty four to choose from.

Once the match starts you have 90 seconds to out score the other team. At the start of the match and during some other points during the match you will be prompted to press a button. This will pop up a dialog box in which you can spend points on skills like super dash and super slide the cost of the skills range from 1 to 6 points. You only start with two points you are able to trade credits for more points though you will get three points for each credit.

If you draw a match it will cost you a credit to continue. If you choose to continue you will be given the option to play a normal game again or to play a penalty kick phase. The penalty kick phase is 5 rounds long in which you take turns shooting/defending the goal. If you draw in this phase it goes to sudden death and the first to score with the other failing wins. If you lose the penalty kick phase you can only continue as a normal game.

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