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Super Casino was developed Data Amusement and released in 1984.

Super Casino is a card/casino game. There are four games within Super Casino for you to play. If you choose one of the casino games first you are then not able to return to the heart's desire game but you can go from heart's desire to the casino games.

The four games are:-

Joker Poker, is a simple single draw single player poker game in which you bet and aim for the best hard you can to win extra credits. If you win a hand you can take your winning or try your hand at double or nothing. Double or nothing is a simple Hi-Low guessing game.

Black Jack, is the same as any Black Jack game. Where you try to get/be closer to 21 then the dealer.

Beat The Spread, uses a 52 card deck and Aces are high.If the first two cards are a pair your bet is returned and a third card is dealt trying for three of a kind. It the spread is zero a third card is dealt and bets are returned for any pair.

Heart's Desire, is a game to know weather or not your wish will come true. First you must pick either the King of hearts or Queen of hearts to represent yourself. The cards will then start shuffling while this is happening you are to think of your wish. When you are ready you stop the cards shuffling and the deck will then be divided into three stacks. The game then searches for the King or Queen (depending on which you had chosen) and the nine of hearts and depending on their placement depends on if your wish fulfilled of not.

If your credits reaches zero you will enter a Hi-Low game (the same in double or nothing) to try and win a free credit to continue.

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