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Streaking was released in 1980 by Shoei.

Streaking is a "comical" maze game. You play as a female streaker running away from the police. Scattered throughout the maze is food and in the corners are trip points.

The food scattered throughout the maze serves three purposes. Each bit of food gives you 10 points it also lowers your fatigue meter and must all be collected to complete the stage. There are four trip points one in each corner of the maze which transports you to the opposite corner of the maze to get away from the police. The trip points are also worth 50 points. There is two ways to lose a life and that is getting caught by the police and the fatigue meter becoming full from not eating food.

There are eight different bonuses but only two are collectible on each stage. The bonuses can be missed if not collected before picking up all the food. The bonuses are: Underwear = 100 points, Bra = 300 points, Dress = 500 points, Boots = 700 points, Hat = 1000 points, Raincoat = 2000 points, Umbrella = 3000 points and Money bag = 5000 points. After all bonuses have been picked up each stage gives the money bag bonus twice. The game does not seem to have an ending stage.

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