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The Real Ghostbusters is brought to us by Data East and released in 1987.

The Real Ghostbusters get is name from the cartoon series of the same name but is seems no effort has been made to identify the characters you're controlling. There are two versions of the game a two-player and a three-player version.

The game consists of ten levels but levels seven, eight and nine are copies of previous levels with more creatures on them. You have with you an energy gun and your famous proton pack. Both weapons are damage the creatures but only the beam from your proton pack is able to capture the ghosts when they have been released. Your proton pack also has a limited usage so it is best not to waste it killing the creatures.

Power-ups can be found throughout the levels as well. The power-ups available are stronger basic shots, a force field that makes you invincible for a short time, more beam energy and Slimer who will help defend you from the creatures attacks.

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