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Monster Bash is brought to us by SEGA in 1982.

Monster Bash is a small and simple platform game or its self called genre hunt-and-hide adventure. You play as Little Red, a boy chasing monsters in there homes zapping them.

There are only three stages in Monster Bash. Dracula's House is a five story building with ladders and secret passages. Frankenstein's Castle is six stories high is also has ladders and secret passages but these passages can only be used when they are flashing. Also on both the left and right sides on each floor is a quick drop zone that both Frankenstein and you can use. Chameleon Man's Graveyard is more of a maze with four switches that change the maze layout.

Along with the bosses of each stage you have other monsters impeding your hunt. Dracula has his bats, Frankenstein has wolfmen and Chameleon has spiders. All of these monsters can be killed with your normal zap you will need something with more kick to kill the bosses. To kill the bosses on each stage you need SuperZap to be able to use SuperZap you need to light a candle on the stage. Once the candle is lit the magic sword will start flashing you then need to walk over the magic sword. This will give you SuperZap but it is only good for one shot so don't miss or you will need to go back.

When you have killed all three monsters you will go back to the first stage on a higher difficulty level. Making the bosses move faster and faster.

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