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Lizard Wizard was release in 1984 and was developed by Techstar.

Lizard Wizard is a shooter style game. You are a man with a jet pack and a laser gun and your mission is to help free the people caught inside the planet Zyfus.

While you are trying to rescue the people of Zyfus you will need to avoid and kill the Lizards. You will also need to destroy erupting rocks before they explode into flames. If the Lizards eat the flames their fire breath will double in length making your life harder. Sometimes you will also find yourself fighting Spydors which you will need to kill before they reach the planet's surface.

To rescue the Zyfus people you need to free them from the bubble that protected them from the erupting volcano. Then you need to place them on the surface of the planet. If you are to slow in freeing them the Lizards will capture them and enslave them.

The game has sixteen levels but once you complete level sixteen you repeat the level until you run out of lives.

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