Kangaroo was developed by Sun Electronics and distributed by Atari and was released in 1982. This game spawned a cartoon series of the same name for Saturday Supercade on CBS. It aired in 1984 and lasted only 13 episodes.

In Kangaroo you play as a mother kangaroo trying to save joeys. You need to do this while avoiding monkeys that have a rude habit of throwing apples at you.

There are four rounds per level and each level consists of the same four rounds only becoming more difficult. Rounds one, two and four are similar in nature in which you jump from branches and climb ladders to get to the joey at the top. Round three however is a bit different. In this round monkeys are holding up a cage with a joey inside. To reach the joey you need to punch the monkeys holding up the cage a few times to knock them out and bring the cage down to a level you can jump to it. You need to do this before more monkeys come to lift up the cage and before the monkeys break the branch making a huge amount of apples fall down.

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