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Hit the Ice - The Video Hockey League was released in 1990 and brought to you by Williams & Taito

Hit the Ice is a ice hockey game which is playable by up to four players.

There is only two teams in Hit the Ice which are the Red and the Blue teams. There is a big list of players and goalies to choose from but both teams have the same players to choose.

Four goalies:- Dover, Boudoir, Hall & Golecki

Eight players:- Bunger, Boyd, Yakashuv, Novak, Cleveland, Gigliano, Fontaine & Marsh

Each player has there own different check abilities such as slashing, tripping, elbowing etc. Fight are also able to break out where the loser of the fight finds themself sluggish for a short time. If you end up losing multiple fights within one period you leave the game with an injury. Each player is also able to preform a Super Shot, This shot needs to be chagred over some time.

The game is split up into three periods like a normal hockey game but the periods last only 5 minutes. Your first credit buys you 2.5 minutes of game play time and each continue only gives you 2 minutes. So a full game would cost a single player eight credits to complete. During the locker room phase you are able to buy a Power Drink which is make you skate faster and shoot harder for the first minute of play.

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