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Green Beret was developed and released by Konami in 1985. You might know the game by the games USA title of Rush'n Attack.

Green Beret is side-scrolling platform/shooter. You are a U.S. Spec op's soldier and your mission is to infiltrate an enemy base to save POW's from execution. There are four stages you must fight your way through to reach the POW's. The areas are a missile base, a harbor base, an air base and last the POW camp.

You are equipped with only a knife to kill the enemies that get in the way of your mission. But if you feel the need for new weaponry all you need to do is find an enemy commanding officer and kill him. Depending on which stage and level you are on he will drop a three-shot flamethrower, a four-shot RPG or a set of three hand grenades.

When you have freed the POW's completing your mission the four rescued soldier's salute and the game restarts from the first stage and raises the difficulty level.

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