Last but not lest is Dino Rex.


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Dino Rex released by Taito in 1992

Dino Rex is a fighting game set in the year B.C 2500 Amazonia.

You are a dinosaur master trying to prove you worth and your dinosaur,s strength. Fighting up the ranks to win the queen and become Dino Rex.

There are six dinosaurs to choose from and they are Allosaurus, Triceratops, Pachyecphalo, Tyrannosaurus, Ceratosaurus and Stygimoloch. Each dinosaur also has a special attack which is displayed when you are selecting your dinosaur.

There are seven days of fighting each day is another dinosaur. On the seventh day you fight the winner of last year,s tournament to take the title of Dino Rex and take the queen as your own.

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