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Crazy Kong -Part II- is brought to you by Falcon and was released in 1981.

Crazy Kong -Part II- is a clone of Donkey Kong by Nintendo. It is commonly mistaken as a bootleg version of Donkey Kong but Falcon was officially licensed for non-US markets. With a delay in the production of Donkey Kong cabinets due to Nintendo of America moving locations. There was approximately 20,000 Crazy Kong cabinets were illegally brought into the US.

The video and sound capabilities were lacking in the Crazy Kong compared to Donkey Kong due to the different hardware it ran on. Which gave the game much worse sound and a poor colour scheme for the game. Most of the sound effects are different and the background music is missing completely. The animations for Kong are also different and often do not sync with the Kong's actions. There are also mild changes in game play.

The game consists of four stages. Stage one (25 m), is a seven-story structure made of crooked girders and ladders. Stage two (50 m), is a five-story structure of conveyor belts. Stage three (75 m), is a multilevel structure With elevators. Stage four (100 m), is a five-story structure with the eight rivets that need to be removed. Once all stages are complete you go back to stage one being slightly harder example stage one has more and faster barrels and gaps in the structure leading to the top.

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