After Burner II was developed by Sega and was release in 1987 only three months after the release of After Burner.

You are the pilot of an F-14 Tomcat fighting off waves and waves of enemy fighter jets while dodging incoming missiles at high speeds. In higher levels you will start getting tailed by an enemy missiles and/or fighter jets which you have to dodge before they catch you.

After Burner and After Burner II are basically the same game having only minor differences between them. After Burner II had a throttle added to the control setup. After Burner II also had 3 more levels then After Burner giving is a total of 21 levels.

Here is a list of ports (The many many ports):

Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Commodore C64 in 1988
Nintendo Famicom, FM Towns PC, Sharp X68000, Commodore Amiga in 1989
NEC PC-Engine, Sega Mega Drive in 1990
Sega Saturn in 1996
Sega Dreamcast in 2001
Sony PlayStation 2 in 2004

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