Welcome back to Wiccy's arcade thread. I hope you enjoy your visit XD

We have just one game for you this week. So let get to work :D.

The game for this week is Water Ski.

Marquee: N/a

Flyer Front: N/a

Water Ski is brought to you by Taito and was released in 1983.

Water Ski is a sports game. In which you are racing against the clock to get the island where your girl friend is waiting for you.

You control a skier who is being pulled by a speed boat. You're able to move your skier left and right and you are also able to jump but only is you are not moving your skier at the time. Even know you have not control over the direction your speed boat travels you are able to slow it's speed when you need to. Since you do not control where the speed boat moves too you need to be mindful of its location at all times or you might end up getting dragged into obstacles.

To make you lose time there is many types of obstacles in your path. The most common is the small rocks which can be dodge or jumped over. There is also large rocks which are not able to be jumped over and will cut your rope if it touches them. Some other obstacles are sharks, wind surfers and other speed boats to name some.

At the end of each round you let go of your rope to the speed boat and you need to try and land on the island to get the max bonus points. Also on each round also has a jump ramp which you need to hit just right and jump at the top of to get bonus points.

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