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We have just one game for you this week. Let's get to it.

And that game is Viper.


Flyer Front: Here

Viper is brought to you be Leland Corp. and was released in 1988. This game is a sequel to Danger Zone.

Viper is a horizontal shooter. In which you are the gunner on an attack helicopter fighting off enemy helicopters, fighter jets and even submarines. Over nineteen levels having you fly over jungles, mountain ranges, oceans and deserts.

The nineteen levels are:
1: Training
2: River
3: Sub Battle
4: Jungle Madness
5: Macho Grande
6: Line O'Death
7: Bonus
8: Hideout
9: Inyo Ace
10: Apocalypse
11: Plain Offensive
12: Bonus
13: Carrier Strike
14: Cave Wave
15: Omega Challenge
16: Skull Beach
17: Bonus
18: Night Ranger
19: Airport

Each enemy destroyed earns you some cash. If you are able to skull an enemy squad you will get a $1000 at the end of the mission for each skull you get.

After each mission or death you get to visit Crazy Ali's Weapons Warehouse. This is where you can spend the money you have earned during your missions.

Crazy Ali has four items for sale. They are:

Extra Firepower - $1000
Death Bloom - one for $10000
Guided Missiles - ten for $5000
Deflector Shields - four for $10000.

Attract Mode:

My game play: